Students Morality and Rules

We ask that guests voluntarily observe the eight precepts (attha-sīlā), ancient undertakings of morality and conduct which form the foundation for conducive meditation practice by protecting the body and mind from acts and thoughts which may hinder meditation and progress.

The eight precepts are:

  1. To abstain from harming or killing any living beings.
  2. To abstain from taking what is not rightfully given.
  3. To abstain from sexual conduct.
  4. To abstain from lying and false or harsh speech.
  5. To abstain from the consumption of intoxicants and drugs.
  6. To refrain from eating after noon.
  7. To refrain from dancing, singing, listening to music, seeking out entertainment, using perfumes and beautifying the body with cosmetics.
  8. To refrain from lying on a high or luxurious sleeping place.

Guests may eat after noon if there is a medical requirement, but we ask that you do so in your kuti.

Smoking is forbidden at all times in or around the temple grounds or within the meditation retreat. If you are currently a smoker wishing to take part on our program please ensure that you have given before your arrival – attempting to do so during your stay is not advised.

There is absolutely no alcohol consumption permitted during the entirety of your stay. While meditation can assist those dealing with addiction it the meditation center is not equipped for dedicated detoxification or rehabilitation.

We also ask that guests keep their kuti clean throughout their stay and contribute to communal tasks such as washing up and cleaning.

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