Core Teachings

BCDC focuses on the practice of vipassana meditation.

Vipassana means “seeing clearly” or “insight”.

Vipassana meditation is a practice which involves at its core paying close and constant attention moment-by-moment to the five aggregates of existence (body or physical form, feelings or sensations, memory or perception, mental formations and consciousness) as they arise and cease across all physical and mental activity.

By practicing vipassana meditation, a practitioner will come to realise for themselves that all mental and physical phenomena in any given moment bear the three characteristics of existance of impermanence, suffering (or unsatisfactoriness) and non-self (as in they are not part of our commonly held sense of identity or within ‘our’ control) and that all conditions whether internal or external, mental or material bear these three characteristics.

The practice of vipassana meditation takes place as part of a well-established set of instructions and framework that, if followed carefully and rigorously, leads to the development of insight into the nature of reality and offers anyone who follows it a clear path to nibbana and permanent mind purification.

Phra Clyde is a trained and experienced vipassana meditation instructor, and this form of meditation is the focus of the teaching, activities and practice at the meditation centre.

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