Why meditation

Meditators gain many benefits from insight meditation:

  • They are called cautious ones.
  • They are well-prepared for death.
  • They have closed the doors to the four lower worlds.
  • They have paid the highest respect to the Buddha.
  • They are travelling in the middle way.
  • They have well preserved the Buddhist heritage.
  • They have propagated Buddhism.
  • They rightly follow the Tripitaka, the Buddhist canon.
  • Their lives are not wasted.
  • They have preserved the right doctrine.
  • They have accumulated merit which will follow them in every life.
  • They will escape suffering and find real peace.

Life without mind purification is like barren land or a container wasted because it is empty. Living for one day trying to purify the mind is better than living for a hundred years without spiritual practice.

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