Your Stay

At the BCDC retreat you will have the opportunity to switch off from the outside world and develop a practice of reflection and attention in a supportive environment amidst a quiet area of stunning natural beauty.  We have carefully created relaxing yet energizing conditions for you to develop and enhance your meditation practice without the distractions of day-to-day life.

We will provide you with the structure and logistical support necessary and, while the schedule is flexible, we do encourage our guests to practice meditation individually for at least 4-6 hours each day, join in the morning and evening group sessions at 5am and 6.30pm and engage in Right Speech [FAQ] while at the BCDC. In this way, you will develop a routine and practice which you can take back with you after you leave and continue sustainably in your daily life, benefiting you and those around you.


While we are pleased to offer guests a flexible schedule and opportunities to explore Fang and the surrounding area, this is a meditation centre first and foremost and practice is the primary focus.

This is not set up as a holiday camp or social media photo opportunity, and as the center is part of a working temple, guests are expected to follow the 8 Precepts [FAQ] during their time here, display respect for the ancient traditions and adhere to program guidelines to the best of their ability.

While you are not required to be Buddhist or possess prior knowledge of Buddhism or meditation to take part, we do kindly expect you to come here with an open mind and a sincerity of purpose.


In return, you will be fully supported on every step of your journey as our English speaking team are here to provide you with 24 hour peace of mind from the first moment you contact us.

Whether you are young or old, new to Buddhism or a student for many years, an experienced or inexperienced traveler please rest assured that you will be in very safe hands during your stay and stand to benefit from your stay here in a way that will have a positive impact on your life long after you have left.

Our program runs year round, however in order to maintain an authentic and personal experience, participant numbers limited. It is therefore highly recommended that you contact us well in advance of your planned stay in order to secure your place and avoid disappointment

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