News from Wat Sriboonruang, early August 2017

Thank you Dr. Apisit for this kind update from Wat Sriboonruang and thank you for the good job that you do for the society.

Dhamma Roaming around Fang District we do it 8 time in the Buddhist Lent period

Every Buddhist Holy Day they will come to take 5 or 8 precepts and make merit for oneself at Watsriboonruang Fang Chiangmai

Every month of meditation course of Buddharaksa assosiation of Watsriboonruang Fang Chiangmai

Give a dessert to children at Day Light School

Give education instruments if we have a chance

When lay people of our community have time they always come to practice and educate their mind with Vipassana at BCDC retreat Fang. Even small retreat are possible: sometimes 3 days, sometime 1 week…

In the evening, they will come to chant and practice meditation and Vipassana at Wat Sriboonruang

If lay people have occasion they will appoint together to practise Vipassana meditation at BCDC Retreat Watsriboonruang Fang

Many group and many people come to offer big candles used in this temple during the raining season

Pali education of Chiangmai province and Wat Sriboonruang Fang

We make merit and were listening to Buddha’s teaching at Wat Sriboonruang in occasion of birthday of King Rama 10

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