News from the Retreat… Summer 2017

Hello and welcome from the BCDC Retreat in Fang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, we have had a great summer here that was mild by Thai standards, hot and humid. There was a lot of rain during the hot season and the BCDC Retreat is a lush green quiet retreat in North Thailand as a result. The Rains Retreat has started and all of Wat Sriboonruang’s monks and novices will be here until the last full moon in October.  All of the ponds at the retreat are full and the fish and birds are enjoying the wet weather.  The sun does come out during the day and the mild temperature make it an ideal time to visit the BCDC Retreat at Wat Sriboonruang, Fang, Thailand.

     The retreat has had many guests over the last few months, Phillip, Vanessa, Flavio, Mark, and Monica are some of the guests that have attended the retreat. Solo and Don were at the retreat for a few days together, this was very fortunate since Solo had a drone and took some fantastic photos of the temple and retreat.  Don is a retired photographer and was up early in the morning to get some shots of the awesome sunrise over the ponds and through the fog and haze. Monica will be posting these photos to the website.
     The BCDC Retreat is hosting a small group of Thai meditators that will be spending a few days over each Buddhist Holy Day at the retreat.  Dr. Apisit and myself are teaching meditation and Dhamma and answering any questions the guests may have.  Pierre from France just finished a 3 month stay at the retreat and has gone to India to continue his practice.  There are several kutis that have been reserved for guests that are arriving in the coming months.  The BCDC retreat has plenty of kutis left and the weather is great!  If you are planing a trip to Thailand or are in Thailand looking for a nice quiet place to get away and practice meditation, relax and take in the scenery of Northern Thailand please consider the BCDC Retreat in Fang, Chiang Mai. You can reserve your kuti and ask your questions by visiting our website at
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